3 Tips for Healthy Living by Bean&Berry

11 July, 2017

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3 Tips for Healthy Living by Bean&Berry

As many of you know, we at Bean&Berry have always encouraged healthy living through nutritious food and positive attitude. We celebrate the beauty of simple things – that revitalising cup of frothy coffee in the morning, the perfect sweetness of a chocolate crepe and the company of a good friend. These moments are so simple yet so precious that we believe they hide the true meaning of life – with each sip of coffee, each heavenly bite, and each kind word we learn to appreciate what is happening now, in the sacred present moment.

 So, in the true Bean & Berry spirit, we have decided to cheer you up with a few simple tricks we believe make life maybe not perfect, but a little bit sweeter:

1. Be in the moment

Stop for a second and look around. Forget about worrying whether your friend is mad at you about what you said yesterday, or what might happen if you lose your job tomorrow. Focus on your surroundings, on the little sounds and views you are so used to that you don’t really notice anymore. Trapped somewhere between a long gone yesterday and an imaginary tomorrow, we forget that “living” is intrinsically connected to the present. And most of all, we find that 90% of our worries existed and might exist, but only 10% are here with us. So, enjoy the now  – after all, this is all we have 🙂 

2. Moderation

I think we are all quite familiar with these two states of mind:
“No, no, sorry, I can’t have that piece of cake today…I really want to, but I am on a diet to get my summer body ready.”
“I guess I can have the whole tub of ice-cream…and also the chocolate bar. Yes, I had a very bad day at work and I really deserve it. “

People tend to enjoy extremes… especially when it comes to food. We would either have no chocolate or the entire bar.Or maybe two, if we had broken up with our boyfriend or stepped in a puddle (after all, we are in Scotland.) Especially if we have starved all day, we take the sweets section in Tesco by storm – absolutely deserved after all the deprivation. What we actually need is moderation. In food, in experiences, in feelings, in all aspects of life. This is why extreme diets never work – because permanent change is a slow, peaceful and gradual process that does not shock the mind neither by excess or lack. It works by enjoying the things we love without becoming dependent on them! 🙂

3. Connectedness

In the generation of isolation and almost complete virtual living on social media and mobile phones, we tend to forget how to connect in reality. Connect with friends, family, nature, and everything surrounding us. Just take the time to go out to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while, discuss hobbies, ideas, plans, dreams. Instead of joining a group on Facebook dedicated to art aficionados, go to an actual art gathering – meet new people, connect, learn new things.

So, yes, overall live connected, live now and live here. Don’t run away into imaginary past and future worlds made of pixels. At least, this is how we see it 🙂



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