Our Cakes Menu


  • Macaroons – £1.00

    A French speciality of light meringue cookies that encase a selection of flavoured ganache fillings

  • Strawberry Tart – £2.99

    A pastry base filled with cream, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled in strawberry sauce

  • Tiramisu – £3.60

    A light and delicious Italian favourite of coffee infused sponge and generous helpings of cream

  • Mille-feuille – £3.60

    “A Thousand Leaves” A French delicacy of finely layered pastry sheets sandwiching vanilla custard and finished with a layer of icing

  • Strawberry Gateaux Slice – £3.60

    light vanilla sponge layered between whipped strawberry cream and topped with a strawberry glaze

  • Black Forrest Gateaux Slice – £3.60

    Fluffy chocolate-cherry layaered cake, smothered in cream and chocolate sprinkles

  • Apple caramel tart

  • Gluten free walnut cupcake -cafe £2.20 take away £1.80

  • Gluten free carrot cupcake -cafe £2.20 take away £1.80

  • Gluten free chocolate cupcake -cafe £2.20 take away £1.80

  • Gluten free Chocolate brownie cafe £2.00 take away £1.50

  • Red velvet cake -cafe£2.99 take away £1.99

  • Pudding toffee/chocolate £3.35

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