The History of Afternoon Tea

05 October, 2016

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The History of Afternoon Tea

       Have you ever wondered when and why the Afternoon Tea ritual was created? It was not that long ago… In 1840 Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford and a friend of Queen Victoria’s, introduced the tradition of having a light snack and tea in her boudoir around 4 pm. Back then, people had meals only twice a day – breakfast in the morning and dinner around 8 pm. So, this is how Anna soothed her “sinking feeling” in the late afternoon. Later on she started sending out invitations to her friends to join her- Afternoon Tea turned into a highly regarded social event. During the 80s, it became even more important amongst the upper-classes, turning into a trendy ritual: long gowns, elegant hats and gloves, women were putting their most special outfits to enjoy their afternoon tea and a bit of gossip in the drawing room. In summer, Afternoon Tea took place in the marvelous gardens of the higher classes, where the men were also invited to take part. In those times, tea was a luxury and Afternoon Tea was a tradition showcasing wealth and power.

      Originally, afternoon tea included a selection of sandwiches, scones, and delightful cakes. Indian and Ceylonese tea was served in silver tea pots and Chinese porcelain.   High tea, on the other hand, was popular with the middle class who would enjoy a more substantial meal, involving a hot dish, served in the early evening. 

       Nowadays, in our rushed and dynamic reality, this tradition has almost vanished. We, at Bean and Berry, strive to preserve it with a modern twist, and we welcome you to share this unique experience with us!  Check out our Afternoon Tea Page





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